For School

  • Can the school upload and share materials?

  • Materials can be uploaded from the Materials page, teachers can also manage their materials in their subject journals. Teachers as well as other school staff members can upload and share files, pupils and parents can see the files that have been shared with them.

  • How can a teacher join? eKool

  • School administrators must invite the teacher to the school as a teacher.
    Administrator finds the possibility of sending the invitation by pressing the “Lists” icon.
    Press the staff button under invitation tab and then press the button “+ Invite new staff” and enter the teacher e-mail.

  • Does eKool offer consultations and tailor-made solutions for schools?

  • Yes, describe us your needs in an e-mail to [email protected].

  • Can the timetable be entered/uploaded?

  • Timetables can be entered to eKool manually, however as of autumn 2014 timetables as well as their updates can easily be imported from Untis timetable software.