For Parents

  • How can I become an eKool user?

  • If you have not used eKool previously, you should register on opening page. You will then receive an electronic activation letter in your inbox. Subsequently you are able to request access to your child’s information by choosing your child’s school from the drop-down list and submitting a request.
    NB! When the next sibling starts school, you no longer need to register, just send an authorization request to the school.
    To add teacher read more here.

  • Can I access eKool using my smartphone?

  • eKool has a mKool you can download from the App Store, Windows Store or Google Play store. During the trial period, you can use the full functionality for free. School notices, feed and homework assignments will remain free for everyone. To access the grades, absences and push notifications as well as sending absence notices using a smart phone, the parent has to actvate the paid service in After the parent subscribes to the paid service, all his/her children will have full access to mKool for free. The service fee can be found from the price list section.

  • Is the web-based eKool free?

  • Access to the main eKool functionality is free for parents, pupils and teachers.
    One can subscribe to paid additional services on top of the main functionality.

  • Can I see all my children’s data on a single page?

  • The information for each child is displayed on a separate page.

  • What additional services does eKool offer?

  • eKool offers the parents the following paid convenience services in addition to the main functionality:
    – The weekly report – a summary of the school week to your inbox
    – School skipping patrol – SMS notification of the first skipped lesson of any school day
    – mKool – eKool in your smartphone

  • Which languages does eKool support?

  • eKool is available in Estonian, Russian and English. Choose your preferred language under Settings.

  • How do I send an absence notice?

  • First choose the child that missed school and then choose the firs button next to your child’s picture – the absence notice.

  • Can I contact the class teacher?

  • You can communicate with the class teacher by clicking on the Messages button.