For Partners

    • Can I advertise my products and services on eKool?
    • It is possible to advertise goods and services in eKool. In eKool it is not possible to advertise goods or services which promote: Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling, Fast Credit. eKool reserves the right to forego promoting products and services not in line with the eKool Notification policy.
    • Can messages be targeted to different user groups?
    • Yes, one can choose a target group of either parents or pupils based on the children’s grade. Promotional messages can for instance also be targeted at teachers only or at specific regions.
    • What are the banner dimensions and how does the process work?
    • – Desktop 300x600px
      – Mobile: 600x500px

      We also provide banner creation as a service if necessary. For that we would need to have:
      1) Picture that you would like to use. 300x600px picture for Desktop and 600x500px picture for mobile environment.
      2) Text and information you would like to share on the banner
      3) Landing link.

    • Is it possible to show video and rich media ads in eKool?
    • It is possible to show video and rich media ads in eKool.
      If needed, we can also create the rich media banner ex. video creation/editing.
      You can see different rich media solutions on our partner’s (adQuota) YouTube page.